Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Blog Review 56

  • David Cornock notes Lembit's latest showbiz splash.
  • Tomos Livingstone looks at the failure of the British public to identify who leads the Liberal Democrats.
  • Bethan Jenkins blogs about the ten years of devolution.
  • Paul Flynn looks at Gordon Brown’s election chances, and his handling of the dangerous case of foot and moth!?
  • Ceredig looks at Lib Dem green tax plans.
  • Damon Lord ponders if Mike German and Ming Campbell have had their day.
  • Gwe returns to blogging with a post about the support for further devolution.
  • Independence Cymru looks at the benefits of devolution.
  • Ordovicius, on behalf of Iain Dale, provides a top 20 list of Welsh blogs.

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