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Top Ten Blogs

In early September TOTAL POLITICS, in association with APCO WORLDWIDE will publish the 2008-9 Guide to Political Blogging in the UK. It will contain articles on blogging by some of Britain's leading bloggers, together with a directory of UK political blogs, and a series of Top 20s and Top 10s. The book will be available at the Green Party, TUC, Labour, LibDem and Tory Conferences, where TOTAL POLITICS will have exhibition stands.

They're asking for your votes to decide the Top 100 UK Political Blogs. Simply email your Top Ten (ranked from 1 to 10) to If you have a blog, please encourage your readers to do the same. Iain Dale will then compile the Top 100 from those that you send in. Just order them from 1 to 10. Your top blog gets 10 points and your tenth gets 1 point.

The deadline for submitting your Top 10 is Friday August 15th. Please type Top 10 in the subject line. Or you can of course leave your Top 10 in the Comments on Iain's post.

Once all the entries are in a lucky dip draw will take place and the winner will be sent £100 worth of political books!The rules are simple:

1. Please only vote once
2. Only blogs based in the UK, run by UK residents are eligible or based on UK politics are eligible
3. Votes must be cast before Friday 15
4. Blogs chosen must be listed in the Total Politics Blog Directory.
5. You must send a list of TEN blogs, ranked. Any entry containing fewer than ten blogs will not count.
6. Anonymous votes left in the comments will not count. You must give a nameSo, once again, the email address to send your TOP TEN BLOGS to is...

(Hat Tip Ordovicius)

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Blog Review: 180

  • David Cornock notes the possibility of yet another by-election.
  • Betsan Powys looks at the referendum.
  • IWA examines the fortunes of the welsh media.
  • Bethan Jenkins takes issue with Huw Lewis’ recent comments.
  • Paul Flynn attacks David Davies over his claims of secret documents and David Davis upon his return to Parliament.
  • Welsh Lobbyist looks at missing members of the All Wales Convention.

Monday, 14 July 2008

To Lose One Blog Is Unfortunate, To Lose Two Is Just Careless

I am sad to say goodbye to two of the Welsh blogsphere’s best in Southpaw Grammar and Normal Mouth who have both announced their exits. I guess with the concerns over civil service blogging and the fact that we are not (I would presume) in an election year we should expect more blogs to fall by the wayside.

On the positive I have welcomed Heledd Fychan to the blog roll.

Return of the Blog: Blog Review: 179

I’ve been on a bit of a break but have returned with new vigour. Here’s a review of the blogs from last week and the weekend as a catch up.