Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Blog Review 55

  • Betsan Powys looks at the odds for the Lib Dem leadership.
  • David Cornock examines Eleanor Burnham chances at the Lib Dem top job.
  • Tom Bodden notes Dafydd Ellis Thomas calls to clarify the name of the Assembly’s ruling power.
  • Bethan Jenkins blogs about the Assembly starting back and the resignation of Ann Jones’ researcher David Collins, an issue that Valley’s Mam also picks up on.
  • David Jones criticises the Government for their handling of the Northern Rock affair.
  • Paul Flynn looks at the chances of a single Lib Dem getting nominated.
  • Homage to Catatonia gives his views about Mike’s conference no show.
  • Normal Mouth gives some insight of the Assembly past.
  • Welsh Ramblings gives a different insight to the David Collins situation.
  • Guerrilla Welsh Fare gives his assessment on Mike German’s non attendance of the Lib Dem conference.

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