Monday, 23 July 2007

Blog Roll and Awards

As stated in the blog of the week section we have lost fellow bloggers Amanwy and Seneddwr. The blog roll is getting smaller so please let me know of any political blogs in the Welsh blogsphere not currently being covered. Either email me at or leave a note in the comments section.

Also don’t forget to get your nominations for the WelshBlogIndex blog awards.

Many thanks


cleckanndra said...

You've missed several debates triggered by, and contributed to, by new Welsh blogger: Cleckanndra.blogspot.

For today's example see gwe's posting.

WelshBlogIndex said...

I will ensure they are noted in the next blog round up.

Greg Lewis said...

Some recent debates at

Feel free to join in.

Anonymous said...

and you never comment on some interesting debates on my blog

Greg Lewis said...

Hiya Valleys Mam

I discovered you only on Monday (I don't get out much) and left an immediate comment.

Enjoyed myself greatly, and will return.


WelshBlogIndex said...

thanks all for the comments I shall take them on board. Greg I shall add your blog to the blog roll. Many thanks.