Monday, 9 July 2007

Welsh Blog Index Awards Correct Email Address

I made a rather big error previously with this and gave the wrong email address to send your nominations to! If you have already nominated to the welshblogawards email I accidentally posted they will not have been seen and you will have to do so again at the correct email address which is

Because of this error on my behalf I shall be extending nominations until the second Monday in August.
The categories are: Best Media BlogBest Politicians BlogBest other Political BlogBest Welsh Language Political Blog
Best Overall Blog My blog roll will give an indication of what blogs fit what category. Please feel free to nominate any blogs that are not named on the blog roll. Send your nominations to or alternatively you can do it via the comments section if you don’t want it to remain anonymous. To vote you have to have an active blog running so make sure you note that when sending me your nominations. Any questions please leave in the comments section

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