Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Blog Review 27

  • Betsan Powys looks at the Prime Ministers first visit to the British Irish council and the possibility he could be meeting with Ieuan Wyn Jones.
  • Vaughan Roderick draws attention to the recent poll conducted by Beaufort Research which shows support increasing for the Labour-Plaid coalition and a decrease in support for the Tories and Lib Dems.
  • Brit Nat Watch highlights the split in the Labour camp over the coalition examining comments from the Aberconwy CLP and MP’s.
  • Guerrilla Welsh Fare looks at the implications of having nationalist leaders on the independence question as well as the Beaufort Research poll.
  • Miserable Old Fart notes Ieuan Wyn Jones immediate promotion to First Minister.
  • Normal Mouth gives his/her views on the public relationship of Plaid and Labour following the coalition agreement.
  • Ordovicius looks at the odds for the next Labour leader in Wales.

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