Monday, 18 June 2007

Blog of the Week: 1

This is the first blog featured in the Blog of the Week series.

The choice of blog covered is done randomly and I am hoping to cover most of if not all of the blog on my blog roll over the coming weeks and months.

First up is Ceredig. This is a new blog running since the start of June and so is still in its infancy with only 10 posts. (At the point of writing).

I have been very impressed with the way the blog has started compiling some detailed comments on the issues of coalitions. It is certainly a welcome addition to the Welsh blog scene and I am looking forward to further blogging. (Even if Ceredig has yet to add me to his blog roll!!!)


Mark Leslie Woods said...

This is a very good idea, and well done you for taking the initiative to actually get it started!

You might consider including something beyond just the political or purely political blogs, since this will give you a much wider audience, and it will make it more interesting. Just a thot . . .

Hwyl fawr! Marc Miami

WelshBlogIndex said...

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the comment and the compliment. I have created the welshblogindex to monitor the welsh political blogsphere and so will not be including non-political blogs. Unless they have some loose relevance. More my part I apologise as I should really have named it Welsh Political Blog Index.

However, I hope you continue to read the content and find it of use and interesting.

Sion Owain said...

Will you be featuring welsh language blogs aswell as there are many good ones in the native tounge.

WelshBlogIndex said...

Hi Sion,

I will try and cover all political blogs on my blog roll, Welsh and English.