Monday, 18 June 2007

Blog Review 11

As you can imagine the blogsphere has been dominated by the Plaid Conference and the Lib Dems recent movements.

  • Betsan Powys reports the goings on at Plaid’s National Exec meeting in Aberystwyth and rumours that a Red-Green deal is too good to refuse.
  • Alun Cairns notes the desperation of the Lib Dems and turmoil within the Labour party.
  • Bethan Jenkins gives the view of a Plaid AM on the Aber conference and warns against Mike German’s ability to deliver his party’s backing for a deal with Labour.
  • Glyn Davies suggest that the Rainbow agreement could be fading as does Ceredig.
  • Amanwy suggests that a failed Rainbow coalition could see Nick Bourne go to the House of Lords and Glyn Davies step back into the Assembly.
  • David Peter thinks the Lib Dems are drifting towards the rocks.
  • Glamorganshire gives his views on Mike German’s changing position.
  • Gwe looks at the Plaid decision to continue discussions with Labour.
  • Guerrilla Welsh Fare comments on the bizarre political strategy of the Lib Dems.
  • Miserable Old Fart looks at how a Red-Green coalition would affect the SNP in Scotland.
  • Ted Jones comments on the Lib Dems continued farce.
  • Labour Mark can’t understand the mentality of the Liberals.
  • Welsh Ramblings looks at the splits in the Lib Dem camp.

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