Monday, 10 November 2008

Blog Review: 231


Anonymous said...

Heledd Fychan gives her views on a number of issues.

And you're still saying that you're not a nationalist. I can't see you doing this for any other party.

WelshBlogIndex said...

Can't see me doing what for any other party? Reporting what has been blogged is the whole purpose of this blog. Why is stating that Heledd Fychan's post covered a number of issues pro or anti any party?

I of course welcome all comments and feedback, sadly given the type of blog this is it doesn't generate much comment but please make the effort to make sense with them as I am lost to how this makes the blog a nationalist one?

This review covered 13 blog posts. only three were explicitly Plaid supporters. Miserable Old Fart and Wales First could be included as nationalist but non party aligned.

As stated previously I will always cover nationalist blogs and those of other politics on a non partisan level.