Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Blog review: 127

  • Betsan Powys notes why Jane Davidson ruled herself out of the First Ministers position.
  • David Cornock notes Adam Price’s assessment of the Labour candidates for the leadership, as does Tomos Livingstone.
  • Vaughan Roderick looks at the chances of a Black vs. Burnham battle for the Lib Dem leadership.
  • Huw Lewis attacks the People’s Voice representation and vows to battle against it happening at a local level.
  • Peter Black says the Tories have got it wrong again.
  • Guerrilla Welsh Fare examines Carwyn Jones’ second appearance in the Western Mail this week.
  • Miss Wagstaff gives her insight into the Labour conference.
  • Eurful ap Gwylim looks at Gordon Brown’s record.

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