Thursday, 6 December 2007

Blog Review: 100

  • Betsan Powys notes the election returns of those spending over £250,000.
  • David Jones notes some comedy at Westminster.
  • Peter Black suggests that things will be a lot worse for Labour if they have exploited a loophole in the donations scandal.
  • Glyn Davies notes his interview in the Western Mail calling for the Tory’s to change their opinion on the Assembly. Further comments on that interview come from Guerrilla Welsh Fare and Ordovicius.
  • Guerrilla Welsh Fare draws attention to the leaflet aimed at Eleanor Burnham that came from a computer registered to Peter Black. Glyn Davies provides the content.
  • Miss Wagstaff looks at the translation issues at the Assembly.
  • Ordovicius highlights the new must have book for any leader.

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