Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Blog Review: 94

  • Betsan Powys reports on what’s NOT going on.
  • Tom Bodden looks at Plaid’s candidates for the House of Commons.
  • Tomos Livingstone notes Labour’s impending doom of.
  • Bethan Jenkins continues the guest blogger section on her blog with Graham Smith of the ‘Republic.’
  • David Jones looks at the continued problems facing Gordon Brown in relation to the donations scandal.
  • Paul Flynn defends the Labour party stating the donations scandal is stupid and not wicked.
  • Dylan Jones Evans looks how the impact of the donations scandal will have on Welsh seats.
  • Glyn Davies notes the strength of the Tory’s position and suggests that Gordon Brown may have to look for a way out to salvage a fourth term for Labour.
  • Ceredig examines if Wigley will go to the Lords.
  • Miserable Old Fart looks at the All Wales Convention and Don Touhig’s attacks.
  • Ordovicius notes Gordon Brown’s admittance that Labour has acted unlawfully.
  • Southpaw Grammer looks at the ID card issue.

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