Friday, 16 November 2007

Blog Review: 91

  • Betsan Powys looks at Grav’s funeral and questions if such an event would have occurred as little as 10 years ago. A question Guerilla Welsh Fare also looks at.
  • Huw Lewis seems to have forgotten who’s in Government and who’s in opposition.
  • Normal Mouth disagrees with the notion of a socialist Government in Wales.


Anonymous said...

Why has no-one mentioned the AMs Champagne reception other than Wagstaff and Withers?

Sounds like most bloggers were invited, including yourself and didn't want to put a dampener on things.

I use the phrase 'most bloggers' as most of them are AMs or staff of AMs.

WelshBlogIndex said...

Maybe my invite was lost in the post as i certainly wasn't invited anon. Maybe the blog isn't as important as other! I shall have to try harder!