Friday, 26 October 2007

Blog Review: 80

  • Betsan Powys notes Gwenda Thomas’ intention to go against the UK Government’s position on smacking.
  • Adam Price blogs about the unveiling of a statue in memory of David Lloyd George. More on the issue with Paul Flynn.
  • Alun Cairns notes Leanne Woods’ views on the monarchy.
  • Bethan Jenkins notes Don Touhig’s objection to Sir Emyr Parry Jones’ appointment as chair of the All Wales Convention. More here from Ordovicius.
  • Glyn Davies says Stephen Crabbs article has been misread. The comments section would suggest otherwise.
  • Ceredig gives an analysis on the All Wales Convention and how he sees the political support for a yes vote panning out.
  • Normal Mouth looks at the One Wales first 100 days and suggests the alliance has been ongoing for much longer.

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