Monday, 1 October 2007

Blog Review 65

  • Betsan Powys blogs that Labour are not expecting to win back Blaenau Gwent in the near future.
  • Tom Bodden notes that recent opinion polls have done nothing to raise the hopes of the Tories.
  • Bethan Jenkins calls on Gordon brown to make a decision one way or another about a snap election as does David Jones.
  • Leanne Wood speaks on the Lib Dems privatisation policy for Cardiff buses.
  • Leighton Andrews gives his views on the future of Welsh Labour.
  • Martin Eaglestone claims the Tories have gone to conference with the wrong tactical approach.
  • Brit Nat Watch examines Dr Richard Wyn Jones’ view on Labour’s nationalism.
  • Damon Lord calls for an election for the sake of democracy.
  • Gwe looks at when, and why, Gordon Brown will call a snap election.
  • Luke Young professes his love for Lembit.
  • Ordovicius notes Nick Bourns comments that Alun Cairns will leave the Assembly if elected to Westminster.

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