Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Blog Roll Update

I will be going away on holidays at the end of next week so I’m trying to get the house ship shape! During the clean out I have binned the following blogs as inactive or retired.

Ladies and Gentlemen behind these blogs please let me know if you ever return and I shall once again add you to the blogroll.

As a result of the clear out it is even more important that you all help keep me aware of any new blogs or current blogs not on the radar. Keir Hardly will be going up shortly.


Keir Hardly said...

Diolch am Fawr for the mention comrade.

View from the Glen said...

The AM's get 10 weeks holiday and keep their blog rolls. I get a new job and get binned. Oh well now i feel like a worker drone.

WelshBlogIndex said...

As I said View if you take it back up then I'll be happy to add you back on. It was a shame that your blog ended as it was very promising.

Anonymous said...

any chance of a link on your blog,
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