Monday, 11 June 2007

Blog review 7

  • Adam Price looks at whose call is it to restart the coalition talks between Plaid and Labour. He also gives a timetable for Labour’s position to be made clear as Plaid’s National Executive is due to meet.
  • Glyn Davies announces his intention to challenge Lembit for the Westminster seat, much to the delight of Alun Cairns.
  • Leanne Wood says Thomas Cook’s decision to ban Welsh in the work place highlights the need for a new Welsh Language Act. More on this by Peter Black, Labour Mark, Gwe and Ordovicius.
  • Paul Flynn’s blog criticises opposition parties for backing farmers unions and also the BBC for their level of reporting.
  • Nick Bourne notes that Rhodri Morgan has never been so worried.
  • Amanwy compares the political similarities between George Bush and Rhodri Morgan.
  • Gwe looks at the implications of a proper parliament for Wales and increasing the number of AM’s.
  • Guerrilla Welsh Fare discussed Leighton Andrews return to blogging and the apparent divide in the Labour party.
  • Ted Jones blogs on further developments in Labour’s Mittal scandal.

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