Thursday, 21 June 2007

Blog Review 15

  • Blamerbell sees Labour’s U-Turn on the way the Assembly is funded as a sign of things to come.
  • Tomos Livingstone suggests the decision by Labour MP’s to push Rhodri Morgan to work with the Lib Dems may in fact force a Rainbow solution.
  • Tom Bodden feels like he’s stuck in Groundhog Day.
  • Peter Black looks at what impact a deal will have on Labour MP’s and calls for a decision soon.
  • Ceredig gives his/her reasons for not believing the Tories have changed, as does Welsh Ramblings.
  • Guerrilla Welsh Fare gives reasons why people should rejects a Labour-Lib Dem pact. He also notes Gordon Brown’s decision to offer up Peter Hain’s job to the Lib Dems. More on this by Glamorganshire.
  • Valley’s Mam notes an interesting event being lined up by positive politics.
  • View from the Glen looks at how the treasury has fought back after the Assembly’s announcement to review funding.

On a lighter note Ordovicius has published his list of categories for the first Welsh Blog Awards. I am sure information on voting will follow.


View from the Glen said...

my tag is missing!

WelshBlogIndex said...

no it isn't?

Normal Mouth said...

Have I offended you? I don't seem to be making it into your smashing Blog Reviews.

WelshBlogIndex said...

Sorry Normal Mouth. I do try and include all blogs with fresh, relative and interesting posts. Yours clearly fit that criteria and it has simply been an oversight as I do regularly check your blog. I am sure you will see you posts covered as often as others in future.

Normal Mouth said...

Ok. Ta.