Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Blog Review 13

  • There has been a lot of blogging about Leighton Andrews’ apparent decision to back a Red-Green agreement. Comment on this comes from Guerrilla Welsh Fare, View from the Glen, Glamorganshire and Welsh Ramblings.
  • Tom Bodden reports Plaid AM Gareth Jones dismay at the delay for Assembly headquarters in north Wales.
  • Alun Cairns raises the issue of the lack of effort made for the 50th anniversary of the naming of the Prince of Wales and the heckling he received for bringing it up.
  • Leanne Wood notes Tory comments about the Assembly being accountable to Westminster.
  • Peter Black states that the Lib Dems have agreed to wait on Plaid to decide on a coalition.
  • Glamorganshire looks at the unlucky career of Rosemary Butler.
  • Welsh Independence looks at how the Government of Wales Act caters to Labour’s needs.
  • Ordovicius looks at how the plenary session will be influenced by coalition talks.
  • New blogger Senddwr examines politicians employing members of their family.
  • Sion Owain shows a copy of the email to all Plaid members from Ieuan Wyn regarding meetings to consult about a possible coalition.

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