Thursday, 14 June 2007

Blog of the Week

There are some very interesting and thought provoking blogs about at the moment. Irrespective of your own personal politics there are some very interesting and constructive debates that are maybe not getting the recognition they deserve.

Part of the aim of this web log, aside from keeping regular round ups of the blog debates, is to promote all blogs in the welsh political blogsphere. As it stands the debate is concentrated on a few select blogs, which is fantastic. The success of Blamerbells is undoubtedly as a result of the vibrant comments section he has.

In an attempt to promote comment on other blogs I am going to run a weekly feature highlighting individual blogs. Sometimes it will be those blogs that maybe don’t get the credit they deserve, sometimes the big hitters that deserve to be recognised and sometimes a blog that has caused a stir with some interesting posting.

I will begin next week.

Hopefully people will find this constructive. Obviously normal blogging reviews will continue.

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